Supplier of the Year AwardRecognizes four WRMSDC certified MBEs that demonstrate excellence in their services and products and show growth in sales and job creation. Winners are automatically entered in the NMSDC competition. We are now accepting applications! Please fill out the required forms, combine them into a single PDF, and upload the PDF here. Click here for tips. This is an award for a company, not a person/individual.

Who can apply? WRMSDC certified MBEs, including Subscription Service MBEs. Nominations are required; only Local and National Corporate Members may nominate MBEs for this award. Corporate Members must submit a letter of recommendation on company letterhead. MBEs will compete against other MBEs in their own Class: Class 1 = annual sales <$1M; Class 2 = $1M-10M; Class 3 = $10M-50M; Class 4 = >$50M

Your application must include, as a single PDF:
  • 1. MBE Nominee Profile Worksheet - adhere to the word count! Each item in Items 3-7 is restricted to 300 words unless it states otherwise.  Examples: 4A is restricted to 300 words, 4B is restricted to 300 words. Click here for the form:
  • 2. Corporate Nomination Worksheet - you must fill this out with your Corporate nominator's info. Click here for the form:
  • 3. Letter of Recommendation on company letterhead from the Corporate Member nominating you (strong applications have multiple letters of support). Letters of Recommendation must address NMSDC's Selection Criteria, outlined here:
  • 4. A copy of your current Certification Certificate.
  • 5. Any applicable supporting documents.